We wanted to give you as a creative way to talk about the meaning of Salvation through Christ.  John 15:1-8 gives us a beautiful picture of salvation. 


Jesus, the vine, is our source of life.  Branches who are connected to him have life abundantly because the vine is being cared for by the Gardener, God.  Branches that are separated from Him can do nothing. 


We will be learning from John 15:1-8 about how to be connected to the life source, Jesus.  Especially in this time of uncertainty, even for our children, it is so important to point them directly to the source because without Him, we can do nothing.  However, with Him, we can bear fruit even in the hard times. 


We invite you to worship with Mr. Matt and Mrs. Amber.  Then, we challenge you as a family to memorize John 15:1-8 over the next six weeks with our rap and weekly verses.  We will have a video featuring Lily and Branchey to open up conversation about the passage.  Then, we will have questions each week to talk as a family about the passage. We have simple activity ideas for you to try at home to expand on the week’s lesson. 


Lastly, we encourage you to pray with your children each day asking Jesus to be all they need.




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