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at Christmas


We wanted to give you as a creative way to talk about the true meaning of Christmas! 


Jesus was born to live a perfect life and die for the salvation of all nations. We will be focusing on how we celebrate the Promises of God, the Gift of Jesus, the Joy of Hope and the Good News brought by the advent of Jesus Chirst.

We will have a video featuring Lily and Branchey to open up conversation about the topic.  Then, we will have questions each week to talk as a family about the topic. We have simple activity ideas for you to try at home to expand on the week’s lesson. 


Lastly, we encourage you to pray with your children each day asking Jesus to be all they need.


Season 2 | At Christmas

Weekly Episodes & Activities

Watch Season 2 of Lily and Branchey! 

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Season 1 | John 15

Lily loves plants! Branchey is a plant!  Branchey needs a tree to join. Lily helps him find the answer! Join Lily & Branchey for  6 episodes as they discover the "True Vine" in John 15! 

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