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John 15 Rap

Weekly Verses

If you remain joined to me and my words remain in you, ask for anything you wish. And it will be done for you.
John 15:7


  1. What did Branchey ask for God to trim from him last week?

  2. What did Branchey want to ask God for now that he is a part of the Jesus vine?

  3. Read John 15:2:7 - If we remain joined to Jesus, what can we ask for?

  4. What is prayer?

  5. Does God want us to talk to him only about some things, or everything?

  6. If we are joined to the vine, what will Jesus change our hearts to pray for?

  7. Why won’t we pray for things Jesus wants if we are not joined to the vine?

  8. What are the three answers God the gardener could give when we pray for something?

  9. When we pray, why can we trust the answers God gives to be what’s best for us?


Tower of Thankfulness

Thanking God is an important part of prayer. In times like this, when so much of life seems confusing or difficult, it's often hard to remember to thank God for all of the amazing things He is doing. Grab as many building blocks as you can find around your house. As a family, work together to build a Tower of Thankfulness. It could be as simple as saying something you are thankful for before you put a block on the tower. Or, you could assign each color with a different category. For example, red is for foods, blue is for family members, green is for fun activities, and yellow is for attributes of God. See if you can use up all of your blocks, and then knock it down and start again!

High Five Prayer

God wants us to talk to him about everything, but that can be an overwhelming idea for a child to understand. With this activity, your child will be given a starting point to pray about everything. First, find a piece of paper and some markers or crayons. Then, trace the outside of your child's hand. Then, write for your child or if your child is old enough have them write "you are" on their thumb, "thank you" on their pointer finger, "forgive me" on their middle finger, "help others" on their ring finger, and "help me" on their pinky finger. Have them decorate their hand in any way they'd like. Then, hang this poster in a place that will remind them to talk to God about everything.

Using this as a starting point, a child might pray, "God, You are so loving and good. Thank you for loving me and dying for me on the cross. Forgive me for hitting my sister when I was angry. Help grandma to feel better and help everyone else who is sick in the world, too. Help me to be kind with my hands and to bear lots of fruit. Amen."

Let's Pray Cup

This is a prayer activity for the entire family! Find a glass, small bucket, or even snack cup.

Then, work together to decorate your cup using paper, stickers, crayons, or anything you can find around the house.

Next, find popsicle sticks or cuts strips of paper.

Then, work together to think of as many people as you can, and write their names on the slips of paper or popsicle sticks.

Each day, pick a meal to use your Let's Pray Cup as a family. Choose a name out of the jar, and before you pray for your meal, take some time together to pray for that person. Even though we can't be with our family and friends right now, we can still be praying for them continually.

Take a photo of your child’s work and e-mail it to arrows.betheltemple@gmail.com We would love to post pictures of their artwork on next week's post!

Pray & Worship

Pray to be joined to Jesus and trusting in Him for everything. Sing “Just Give Me Jesus”.

For the Grown-Ups

God wants us to pray about everything, too.

In the morning when your children first wake up and you are dreading another day not being able to leave the house, pray for hope. In moments of discipline when nothing seems to be working, ask for wisdom. When met with extreme attitude from your child over the simplest request, pray for a repentant spirit. When your children ask you for the thousandth time if they can go to the park, pray for their hearts to not be troubled. In the times when you are concerned about how to get food for your children, seek the Lord's provision.

When you've run out of things to keep your children entertained, ask for new ideas. When your child is struggling to complete assignments for school, pray with them and over them. When you are in the bathroom trying to pull yourself together because you are about to cry in exhaustion, cry out for refreshment. When your child offers to help you wash the dishes, thank God for willingness. When you hear your child singing a worship song by themselves, pray for them to believe the words. When you see your children happily playing together for the first time all day, thank God for a moment of peace. As the day comes to an end and you know it is only by God's grace that you made it, place it all in His hands and trust Him with tomorrow.

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