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Sermon from March 8, 2020

The life that is in Christ Jesus is not like any other life. The life of a follower of Jesus looks different, it has a different set of values, a different focus. By reading the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to Timothy, we read about the elements we need in order to fan our gifts into flame.


  1. In 2 Timothy 1:1-2, Paul refers to “the promise of the life that is in Christ Jesus.” What characterizes this promise & life? How does the life in Christ compare to life outside of this promise?

  2. Paul was clearly a mentor to Timothy. Talk about someone you would consider to be a mentor in your life. On the flip side, is there a person in your life you are currently mentoring?

  3. Read 2 Timothy 1:3-5. How important is a spiritual heritage? What impact did your predecessors have on your spiritual life?

  4. Read 2 Timothy 1:6 - What is involved with “fanning our gifts into flame?” Compare the spiritual act of doing this with the illustration Paul uses from the physical world. (see reverse)

  5. Read 2 Timothy 1:7 - If God did not give us a spirit of fear, where does it come from? What are the results of living in the spirit of fear? How does it compare with the “life that is in Christ” we discussed in verse 1?

  6. What does it mean to live according to the spirit of power God that has given us?

  7. How should we live according to the spirit of love God that has given us?

  8. Why is it so hard to live according to the spirit of self-control God has given us? How should self control impact our interactions with our own desires & emotions?


We cannot live the promise of the life that is in Christ Jesus when we are controlled by fear, which robs us of the power, love & self-control that mark the life of a follower of Jesus. Ask God to grant you the courage to fan your gift into flame and burn brightly for Him.


“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you…”
1 Timothy 1:6a
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