History of Broken Relationships | The Covenant

Notes from Weeks 5 & 6 of The Covenant CORE Group

Husband and wife always come into marriage with a history of imperfect relationships. How we approach relationships today can be impacted by our upbringing, as well as past marriages and other romantic relationships. Some of the obvious negative experiences from the past include abuse, neglect, rejection, and addictive behaviors. Others are more subtle, but can drive us just as hard: extreme jealousy, constant criticism, emotional distance, manipulation by withholding love & affection until you measure up to a certain standard, etc.

These painful experiences lead us to act in fear and mistrust. (“Are you going to do what the last person did to me?”)

Common responses to these painful experiences are to:

  1. Avoid deep relationships

  2. Enter marriage without fully giving ourselves to the other person

This is a challenge in all marriages, but can become more complicated in blended families, where there is temptation within the new family unit to make alliances with & against others.

*It is important to remember that everything we’ve said about Covenant marriage in this class applies to EVERY Christian marriage, no matter what happened in the past, and regardless of present struggles. God wants us to honor and care for the relationships we have today, not to live in shame and resentment because of shortcomings (ours, or our spouse’s).

This would be a good time to go back and review some of the Scriptures we examined in past sessions, especially the marriage aspects of Genesis chapters 1, 2, & 3.


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