Our Prayerful Direction

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

A message from Pastor Eric

The elders and I have been in constant communication during this time as new information continues to come in. With much prayer, we stand in agreement and believe these next steps are what’s best for the community of people we serve. This information is on a week to week basis. We will continue working hard at keeping you informed.


On March 22, 2020 there will be a live-streamed only worship service with teaching. The building will be opened on Sunday only for the few people needed to lead and operate the live-streamed worship service. If you don’t have live stream capability please contact the church office at: (215)423-0986

Access the service here.

Thank you to the Media ministry for working so hard to make this possible.


  • All CORE groups will stop until next season.

  • The Lord’s Gym will be closed until April 2020.

  • Pantry will continue distribution, however, utilizing more creative and intentional ways of providing for those in need.


It's time to up our church’s prayer game! There will be times of constant prayer via conference calls. There will also be scheduled times for unified fasting and prayer. We will keep you posted on those dates, times and methods.


And lastly, please set apart time in your homes to worship! Purpose in your hearts to dwell in the presence of the Most High and to rest in the shadow of the Almighty! The Good News of Jesus Christ is more relevant than ever. Raising Christ on high will draw hearts to Him.

Pastor Eric Desamour

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