Passion Week Devotions | Explanation

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Palm Sunday sets into motion a one week period, sometimes referred to as Easter Week or Passion Week. Passion Week may sounds like a strange name for this time period in Jesus’ life on Earth. It sounds like what one would call the week of Valentine’s Day because everyone is talking about romance and love.

But the more we think about Passion Week the name makes more sense. This was the last week of Jesus’ life. This week led up to His crucifixion and —spoiler alert—resurrection. The name “Passion Week” makes sense because Jesus was passionate about His mission. Jesus was passionate about His obedience to the Father. Jesus was passionate about you and saving your soul.

This is why Jesus was resolute in His mission. Scripture tells us that Jesus set His face toward the cross and nothing was going to stop him from doing the will of his father (Luke 9:51).

Jesus prayed in the garden “…yet not My will, but Yours be done.” (Luke 22:42).

Join Elder Norman this Passion week on a daily journey through the last week of Jesus's Life on earth. Devotions will be posted at 7am everyday.

You will find all the devotions here when they are uploaded: https://www.betheltemplechurch.net/resources/categories/passion-week-devotions

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