Prayer Journal | Locked Down But Free

Updated: Apr 16

Elder Collins leads us in a guided time of focused prayer.

After the plague, the LORD spoke to Moses and to Eleazar the son of Aaron, the priest...
Numbers 26:1

As you have seen the last day of this month and entered a new month, so you will also see the end of this plague called Coronavirus and the beginning of a new testimony in your life.

Like the word of the Lord above, it will soon come to pass, by His grace you will be counted among the survivors.

God is with you even in this lockdown.

Pray & Focus

  1. Thank God for His mercies and grace that has held this virus and it has not eliminated the world.

  2. Ask God to forgive us and restore the land.

  3. Pray for God to protect the first responders and stretch out the balm in Gilead and heal those infected.

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