Sexual Temptation & Sexual Sin | The Covenant

Notes from Weeks 5 & 6 of The Covenant CORE Group

A good definition of temptation in general might be: anything that offers us a short-cut to find a different or quicker way to get something that God wants to give us His way, in His time.

Imagine this: you invite me to your house for a meal because you want to spend time with me. But instead of coming when I’m invited, I break into your house and steal all the food you were going to use to prepare the meal. Then I take it home and eat it by myself. Whatever my motivation was for doing that, it is clear that I was only concerned about getting the food. I missed out on the intimacy and closeness with you, and THAT was the real blessing. The food was secondary. And by focusing on the food, I’ve not only missed out on the real blessing, but I’ve alienated myself from you and I need to repent to restore our fellowship.

That’s the way it is when we take short-cuts with God!

Throughout this CORE group, we’ve been following the idea that in order to understand marriage properly, we need to understand what God created it for. In the same way, in order to understand sex the right way, we need to understand what God created it for. So let’s take a look at sex from God’s perspective:

  1. It was His idea.

  2. He blesses & celebrates sex within its proper boundaries. (If you have any doubt of this, reading Song of Solomon one time should put that to rest!)

  3. Sex unites husband & wife, and is a sign that they are “one flesh”.

  4. God’s #1 purpose for sex (though there are others) is to produce children.

The pleasurable aspect of sex is a secondary blessing, but when we make it our #1 focus, our desires and decisions around sex become disordered. God gave us food and drink to nourish our bodies. The fact that eating and drinking is also pleasurable, and that we can come up with an almost infinite combination of tastes by cooking and combining the great variety of foods that God has provided for us, tells us something about the kind of God we serve. But what happens when we only focus on the taste of food, and don’t consider the limits of how we should eat and drink? Our eating and drinking become disordered.

It is the same with sex. God gave it to us with a purpose (see #1 - 4 above). But when we focus only on getting more pleasure, and take sex outside its God-given purpose, we invite trouble into our lives, and damage our intimacy with God.

Adultery, “hooking up”, pornography, etc. as are often excused in our culture in the quest for personal fulfillment. Sometimes they are glorified. God tells a different story. The Bible in general, and especially the book of Proverbs (throughout the book, but especially chapters 5, 6, & 7), gives repeated warnings about sexual sin and adultery. Proverbs is known as the book of wisdom, and judging by how many times they are mentioned, adultery and unjust violence are two of the most unwise activities we can engage in.

Remember, when you’re resisting sin, you’re not depriving yourself of something good (that’s what Satan wants you to believe). You’re keeping yourself in the right position to receive the greater blessings that God is trying to give you.


That’s the end of the material for this CORE group, but we hope this isn’t the end of your consideration of how important Christian marriage is to the heart of God. Whether you’re married our not, please continue to pray for the marriages in our church and community. The more God loves something, the more Satan hates it and will attack it. But as we saw in the earlier sessions of this group, God has chosen to use marriage as one of the most powerful signs of His work in this world.

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