The Covenant Update | Core Group

A message from Elder Jon & Gwen Fredette

Hi Everyone,

Gwen & I loved having you all over to our home for this CORE group, and we were really encouraged by the participation and insight you brought to the table. We would have much preferred to finish this material in person, but in the current social distancing environment, posting the notes online is better than leaving things unfinished.

For those of you reading this who were not with us up to this point, please read on, but realize that you MISSED A LOT, and this will make more sense if you come for the whole CORE group next time around. We’re not sure when that will be, but when it gets scheduled, please be aware that this group is not just for married couples. You can come without your spouse, you can come if you’re not married, and you can come if you believe God has called you to singleness and you have no interest in being married.

In fact, the end of the last class was sort of the climax of the material, as we looked at how often Jesus spoke to His disciples in powerfully intimate marriage language, showing us that He is the Bridegroom, and we as the Church are His Bride. This, more than anything, shows us why marriage is the business of ALL Christians, and that our earthly marriages are meant to reflect Christ’s love to our broken world.

We’ve already covered the biggest obstacles to living out God’s plan for marriage, which include the selfish desire to control (rather than minister to) your spouse, and our modern culture’s “I-marriage” emphasis, which tells you that your own personal satisfaction and fulfillment should be the focus of all your relationships. Rather than come to Scripture directly to receive guidance from God about what marriage is, too often Christians take the basic form of the world’s ideas, and we disguise them in Christian-sounding language.

That don’t work folks.

For these last 2 sessions, we focus in more detail on some of the more specific challenges our marriages face today.

Please keep in mind that this CORE Group is meant to be a “Guilt Free Zone”. If these are some of our toughest issues, chances are you’ve fallen short in one or more of these areas. God’s will for you is to a) repent & receive His forgiveness, b) learn from your mistakes, and c) move forward with doing what you’ve been called to do. Looking at these challenges is not meant to shame anyone, but to help us understand what we’re up against.


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