We Are Making A Difference

In a moment when there is constant change Bethel Temple CBC’s mission remains the same to make disciples, reach the lost and renew our neighborhood in the name of Jesus Christ.

We desire to express to all people that we stand firm on the truth of the Bible and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To make clear our message our website has been redesigned and our visual messaging has been revitalized.

Right now more than ever, we want to make sure that all the information our community needs is in a centralized and well-designed location that is accessible to all whether or not they use social media. This is betheltemplechurch.net.

Our new visual message—which includes our logo, fonts and other design elements—has been enlivened to unify our media and provide stronger visibility across all platforms.


The lines that create the word mark are organic. This represents the Body of Christ.

The church body is made up of very different parts. All are flawed but by the Spirit’s power we are made one.


The letterform of the “l” is used to create the logo.Although “cross-like” logos are widely used, this one is unique.

The cross is made up of arrows meeting in the center. The gray arrows represent all those reaching for a savior. The yellow arrows represent Our God descending to save.

With this new vibrant, unified and clear visual message we hope that the Gospel message would shine brighter in all that we do because Jesus Christ has made a difference in our lives and we strive to share that with our members and community.

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